4 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand

June 26, 2017 - Comment

Comes with 4 bike holdersHigh quality Powder Coated SteelCan be used as a 4 bike units or can be easily seprated to have 4 separate 1 bike racksEasy quick release separationWeight: 10 IbsMade in Taiwan

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Comes with 4 bike holders
High quality Powder Coated Steel
Can be used as a 4 bike units or can be easily seprated to have 4 separate 1 bike racks
Easy quick release separation
Weight: 10 Ibs
Made in Taiwan


Jamie in Washington says:

Good for kids’ bikes This bike rack is pretty sturdy and is super easy to set-up. It looks nice and it holds the bikes well. My only issue is that you cannot use it for adult sized bikes side-by-side, it just isn’t big enough. You could stagger the bikes on either side, but we want the rack up against the wall so it doesn’t work the way we had hoped. I do think it would well for children’s bikes all on one side. We are able to put two adult bikes on it (each on either end) and children’s bike in the middle, but we…

Ryan H Westlund says:

Modular Bike Rack

William Irizarry says:

Not a bad bike rack for the price…but not wide enough I purchased this bike rack so the kids would stop throwing their bikes on the ground. I hate having a messy garage. The bike rack is a nice, organized way to store bikes in a garage. The only downfall is that the rail width that holsters the front bike tire isn’t wide enough. For my bike, it fits just fine. For my kids’ bikes, it is too small to be able to fit their bike tires. It fits about half way in and it will work, but it still leaves me uneasy as the tire isn’t all the way in…

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