HODGSON USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light,Super Bright Rear Light,Waterproof,Safety Flashlight for Cycling-Silver

October 16, 2016 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Wow, are these things bright. I examined them upon arrival and made the mistake of looking straight at one while turning it on and – blinded. These things are kind of amazing. The design is not what you would expect, but this is one of the finest bike tail lights you can buy. The cylinder design, made with waterproof alloy materials and a 1000MA battery, make this a good choice. The 60 lumens output, 12 hour battery life, and 360 degree visibility make it a great one. There are 5 modes to…

Anonymous says:

One of the biggest dangers of riding a bike in my college town is visibility at night. In the past I simply refused to ride at night because the stock reflectors simply aren’t enough for people to see. This product is a nice bright red light that is easily seen from afar. Here are a few things that I like about this product…1.) It is rechargeable meaning that it can be used without paying for a bunch of batteries. 2.) This product is also simply to install and could put on any size pipe on…

Anonymous says:

My husband called this my vessel light because of its fancy round design. It has a great shiny stainless steel look. It has a light in the back and a light on the bottom each light has 3 settings that can be mixed with the other light. There are solid, fast flashing and a slower flashing. You can either have both lights on solid or one flashing and one solid it depends on your preference. I like the back light flashing as an attention getter and the bottom light solid for visibility. I have…

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