Schwinn 7-Speed Cruiser Bike for Women (26-Inch Wheels), Yellow

December 4, 2017 - Comment
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SuperConnected says:

Pretty, easy to assemble bike. Difficult changing gears and seat slides. The gears on this bike are very hard to shift and constantly try to change when riding it. The back tire was flat within only a few days and only a test ride of maybe 100 feet. – it was a very thin inner tube that blew out. I spent $20 for two inner tubes to replaces the thinnest cheapest ones I’ve ever seen on both the front and back. The seat constantly turns side ways when riding. Yes there is a control to mount and position it under the seat – it slides and should not while riding. After…

Gary L. Mccormick says:

Piece of Crap! Piece of Crap! ….. I purchased this bike as a Mother’s Day present for my wife and what a disappointment! The bike has been a lemon right out of the box. The front fender bracket was sprung and would not fit without the fender rubbing the tire. I had to reshape it to make it work. The rims where so far out of true it was impossible to adjust the brakes enough to prevent them from rubbing. I had to true both rims. The handlebar clamp would not tighten enough to prevent slipping until I used…

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